Fall on the Mississippi River

I don’t know what has prompted the sudden change in the color of the tree and shrub foliage, but the last two days of warm days and cool nights have produced amazing changes in the landscape in the Twin Cities. Despite our lack of significant rain during the past two months, the trees are going all out in color production.







A feast for the eyes. I just wish it would last.

4 thoughts on “Fall on the Mississippi River

  1. I just wish it would COME! 🙂 Really, really gorgeous, Sue. I’m longing for cooler weather, even though we don’t get color like that. And the riverboat is just perfect! Enjoy it while you can, and thanks for sharing a bit of it with us.

  2. Thanks, Marcia. My sister in LA is also suffering from temps in the 100s. We are about to get a Canadian chill; maybe the air mass will move south and cool you off too.

    • Wow! At least we aren’t seeing temps in three digits any more. Most of that was in July. That must be getting really old about now. I’ll send her some happy vibes for cooler weather, too, and thanks for offering to share your Canadian chill. I’ll take it!

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